Ightham is a picturesque, beautiful village in
an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), Kent.


The village is steeped in history:

  • Gun Powder Plot was hatched here
  • National Trust's famous Ightham Mote
  • Ightham Court a Grade II* Listed building.

Ightham Court, Grade II* Listed building dating 16th Century and with evidence of a pre-existing building recorded around 1262, is under THREAT.

A huge prospective quarry proposal has been mooted next to the Grade II* Listed building, Ightham Court and would severely impact on its historical setting and its historically-owned land.

The fields that surround Ightham Court are not only part of AONB but also Metropolitan Green Belt. Defend this site against any applications for quarrying. Protect its natural beauty.

 AONB Fields, West of H+H Celcon Factory, Ightham Kent.

AONB Fields, West of H+H Celcon Factory, Ightham Kent.

If the silica sand quarry goes ahead, the whole of Ightham village will be blighted by this quarry for 25 years. A very long time to watch and wait.

The village may no longer be referred to as "Ightham, a beautiful village" but "Ightham, the village with a quarry". Ightham village prides itself by being surrounded by rural landscapes, orchards and woodland. It is speckled with natural springs, streams and ditches. Why destroy the rural aspect by industrialising the landscape and undermining the natural water sources?

Potential view of converted AONB fields into a silica sand quarry next to Ightham Court

Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age, Roman and Medieval findings have been recorded in this whole area.

Be proud of our heritage. Help preserve and conserve this area. Protect this AONB land. We do not want to lose a unique location.

Great Crested Newt found in garden next to Ightham's AONB fields 27 March 2017

Protect the flora and fauna that are in these AONB fields and the areas that surround them.

There is also a potential health risk from Silica Sand

Don't sit and watch....Be Proactive. Fight to preserve this historical area, AONB and a healthy environment.

As the saying goes, "Don't bury your head in the sand".

 Ightham Court, Ightham Kent

Ightham Court, Ightham Kent

 In 2012 hot air balloon landed in AONB fields surrouding Ightham Court

In 2012 hot air balloon landed in AONB fields surrouding Ightham Court