Potential Health Risks from Silica Sand Quarries

Dust from a silica sand quarry will be emitted into the atmosphere. Once in the atmosphere, it cannot be contained. Dust is silica dust. It can affect a natural spread of 750 metres radius. Wind will carry a further span.

Environmental Specialists advise "the proposed development could be a significant source of dust emissions with the potential to impact on the health and amenity of sensitive human receptors surrounding the existing site..." by Amey Plc. for Scoping Opinion Application - KCC/SCO/TM/0295/2016

Even with non-consolidated rock, grinding from diggers and extraction will emit dust (silica dust) into the air.

Silica dust contains RESPIRABLE CRYSTALLINE SILICA - silent growth emerges after a number of years into LUNG CANCER, SILICOSIS and other respirable diseases.


There are already health risks from the open storage of pulverised fuel ash at the H+H Celcon factory. This is currently being ignored - what will happen with the silica sand health risk? You can answer that yourself.

Map of Ightham Village and AONB Fields in question

Map of Ightham Village and AONB Fields in question