June 2018 - The draft proposal so far...

Borough Green "Master Plan" - Twice the size of King's Hill - Conceding Metropolitan Green Belt and AONB

Borough Green "Master Plan" - Twice the size of King's Hill - Conceding Metropolitan Green Belt and AONB


The Local Plan - Regulation 19 Pre-submission Publication June 2018…

According to TMBC's draft Local Plan, "It provides a sound basis on which to judge planning applications, achieve investment and provide confidence about future development and future preservation where both are appropriate."

Is this the case? NO.

What will this really mean for Ightham, Borough Green, Wrotham, Platt and Plaxtol....?

  • The proposed amount of housing is wholly disproportionate: twice the size of existing King's Hill
  • Sevenoaks District Council refuse to take on their full housing quota and has put pressure on its neighbouring borough, TMBC to take on part of their lot; Why has TMBC accepted this and proposed to sacrifice Metropolitan Green Belt and AONB to achieve this?
  • The proposed relief road will NOT alleviate traffic to an existing bottleneck with no plans to increase other roads to compensate for the additional road
  • The Air Quality Assessment prepared for TMBC concluded that sites which feature in the development strategy, that is Borough Green Garden City are suitable - How can that be when Borough Green Centre is already recognised as an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA), which means it has been recognised as having poor levels of air quality - based on 2009 figures alone, and that is without the steady 1000 vehicle increase annually since that time. With a relief road added to unimproved local roads, more traffic will extend the AQMA to reach other areas as well as increase the levels for Borough Green!
  • Train services from Borough Green are already infrequent and overcroweded; commuters will only further their journey through the A227, back roads and lanes to use Tonbridge Station, Hildenborough and Sevenaoks Stations
  • What will happen to the health service with a larger population? Who will pay for another clinic/"cottage hospital"?
  • Two primary schools are to be created - 1 x TWO FORM ENTRY - that means 2x30 pupils and 1 x THREE FORM ENTRY - that means 3x30 - just 150 children to be catered for to support an extra 3,000-4,000 more home owners, who may have more than 1 child...
  • Building on already contaminated land will mean astronomical costs to clean up and "purify" the land acceptable for building; who will pay for this??
  • With toxic substances already deep in the ground rusting away, there is the danger of contamination of our precious aquifer - how will our drinking water supply be protected?
  • Existing quarries expected to be exhausted in time for housing will create more HGV traffic to achieve land fill expectations and we are looking at millions of tonnes' worth of spoil to complete the task
  • Why should this area concede Metropolitan Green Belt and AONB when other councils boldy refuse to relinquish these precious areas of countryside?