AONB Fields, West of H+H Celcon, Ightham

The photos in the left hand column show these AONB fields from different angles, depicting their serenity and rural beauty which form part of the historical setting of Ightham Court; the photos to the right are visions of what these fields might look like during the quarrying period.

The Present - AOnB Fields, ightham

This is a photo looking at fields facing Ightham Court's woodlands, from the Public Footpath which runs adjacent to the railway line

field view of ightham court.jpg

pleasant view of ightham court from fields

This is a photo taken from the fields at the back of Ightham Court

Aerial view of AONB Fields Ightham

aerial View of present AONB Fields, ightham

This is an aerial shot of the AONB fields of Ightham, that surround Ightham Court and are part of Metropolitan Green Belt


Potential view of Woods at Ightham Court.jpg

potential Quarrying aonb Fields, ightham

This is the potential impact on the historical setting of Ightham Court and its woodlands

potential impact on Ightham Court's setting

Potential Quarry impact on Ightham court Grade ii*

This is the potential impact on the historical setting of Ightham Court if the fields were to be quarried


potential view of quarried area, ightham

This is a potential view of the expanse of quarrying which might be proposed, converting all of the AONB fields surrounding Ightham Court's historical setting