Open to the public

1 October -

12 november

TMBC have approved the Regulation 19 version of the Local Plan. It is now open for public consultation lasting for a period of 6 weeks.

Please write your objection/comments to:

Email -

By Post - Planning Policy, Tonbridge & Malling Council, Gibson Building, Gibson Drive, Kings Hill, Kent ME19 4LZ

Quote - “Borough Green Gardens LP29”

Salient points to remember

What This Means:

• The local housing proposal is wholly disproportionate when
compared with the rest of TMBC's housing allocations

• Borough Green Gardens (BGGC) will be TWICE the size of
King's Hill

• The Local Plan should protect our precious Ightham Metropolitan Green Belt & AONB - these are built development designations; once conceded, they cannot be restored

• The Relief Road will add hugely to our existing traffic bottlenecks - A25, Seal Village, Seal Hollow Road junction and Bat & Ball junction & A227

• Borough Green train services are already overcrowded, and infrequent - with 2 trains per day only to Blackfriars; frustrated commuters will drive further to Sevenoaks, Hildenborough or Tonbridge stations using A227 or country lanes to reach their destinations

• Existing health services are under huge pressure with the current population; extra housing will only add to already badly strained services

• All existing and exhausted quarries will have to be infilled to allow for housing; this will add massively to HGV traffic to backfill millions of tonnes' worth of spoil

• A significant proportion of the site of BGGC is badly contaminated with toxic waster over an aquifer. How will our drinking water supplies be protected?

• The Local Plan is unsustainable and undeliverable in its current draft form, be advised on how to protect Ightham

everyone should write in

The Inspectorate will need to read every letter - everyone must write in - not one letter per household but every individual within the household should write in, using their own words - a petition with signatures will not suffice!