Great Crested Newt found in The Lodge garden: TQ 59490 57413 (TQ594574) on 27 March 2017

There are many ways to take action:

Write to your local mp

  • Write to Tom Tugendhat MP, and advise him of your concerns
  • With more emails, letters and requests for involvement/support to fight this campaign to protect Ightham, the power of numbers will make a difference, BE PROACTIVE, you cannot complain after an event; act by preventing an event
  • Write an email to:
  • Write a letter: Tom Tugendhat, MP, 130 Vale Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1SP

Join the Campaign to protect rural england (CPRE)

  • CPRE is a registered charity, with a branch in every county, a group in every region and has a national office
  • CPRE Kent's aim is to protect the survival of our county's landscapes and heritage
  • The countryside is disappearing too rapidly; greenfield land is being squandered by industry and other commercial activities
  • Join the CPRE and become a member to help protect and conserve the countryside around you for generations to come

record kent's widlife by entering data at Kmbrc

  • Kent & Medway Biological Records Centre (KMBRC) is an independent non-profit charity and it holds more than 4 million wildlife observations of thousands of species
  • KMBRC need to know where the wildlife is in order to detect changes
  • KMBRC work with local wildlife and conservation organisations to provide evidence that can help in the decision-making and conservation efforts across Kent; any large planning application includes an Environmental Impact Assessment and this should include the checking of wildlife records from the KMBRC to establish flora and fauna in the area
  • Record what you saw, when and where

attend The next Ightham Parish Council Meeting on 18th April at 7.45pm

  • Find out the latest on the planning proposal and ask questions; your parish council is a statutory consultee and is there to hear your concerns and represent you and the community

also Spread the Word...

  • Tell your friends and family about this threatened place
  • There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself
  • Take action and make an impact!
Ightham Village Hall Map