TMBC's The Way Forward 2017


Site 408 - west & north of borough green

On the TMBC website, The Way Forward in 2017 stated that Site 408 (check out the phrases in bold) had been assessed over the following:

In terms of access to services, this site is in a sustainable location adjacent to the northern confines of Borough Green and Platt. A small area in the western extent of the site lies within the Kent Downs AONB which also provides the backdrop for the whole of the site to the north. Parts of the south-west corner of the site are in areas at high risk of flooding which could be an issue for safe access and egress from this point to more vulnerable uses. There are small areas of Ancient Woodland and clusters of trees in the centre of the site that are covered by TPOs. The site can be accessed at present from the A25 / A227 Dark Hill Roundabout and the A227 Borough Green Road (to the north of Borough Green). The eastern part of the site is more challenging to access, particularly from the A20 and A25. The size of the site means that more access opportunities could be assessed. The potential scale of development would impact on the existing local infrastructure and necessitate enhancements and additional provision, including a relief road north of Borough Green and Platt. The proximity of the site to the M26, the railway line, Platt Industrial Estate and the continued operation of some of the quarries on site means that noise is likely to be an issue in some parts of the site. A Minerals Assessment would be needed and surface water flooding issues would need to be addressed. Water resources would also need to be protected. The nature of previous and existing operations means that the topography is challenging in places and that contamination may be an issue. This assessment concludes that this site is suitable.

 The site has been promoted by various landowners. There are several operators and owners across the site with some mineral operations likely to continue well beyond the plan period. Therefore there is uncertainty in respect of the availability of the site.

 Subject to further consideration of the infrastructure required to support development, there is a reasonable prospect that development on the site could be provided. There is also a reasonable prospect of development in combination with adjacent sites. Site preparation/abnormal costs are likely to be associated with the requirement for some fairly significant land re-modelling to make some of the former quarry areas suitable for development, and on and off-site infrastructure costs.

Assessment Outcome-
Suitable but undeliverable"


  • The site is within AONB (why have such designations?)
  • Proximity of quarries recognising noise pollution is an issue (noise and air pollution; is that okay then?)
  • Ancient woodland and TPOs (why have such designations?)
  • High risk of flooding (buildings insurance?)
  • Endangering water resources (pollution, destabilising water table)
  • Contamination "may" be an issue (toxic waste dumped north of H+H Celcon - fact)
  • Development would impact on the local infrastructure (air pollution, noise pollution, wildlife affected, standards of living affected)

How can this assessment justify that the site is still suitable?

...Does this instil confidence?