Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I learn about Kent's position on quarrying?
You can find information on the KCC website regarding the Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan adopted in July 2016

Where can I get more information on the quarry proposal?
You can find information on the KCC website about the initial stage, the Scoping Opinion and Decision

Where can I get information on national planning policies?
Follow this link to the National Planning Policy Framework

What sections do I look at in the National Planning Policy Framework?
Check out: Sections/paragraphs 87-90, 115, 116 and 132

Where can I find more information on the Kent Downs AONB?
Please follow the link to the Kent Downs AONB on the AONB Management Plan 2014-2019

When can I view the Planning Application for the quarry?
Once the application has been received by the KCC, there will be a link prepared on this site

Once the application is received, can I comment?
Yes, you will have a chance to comment during the consultation period which will run for 28 days from the date it was received